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Opinion Survey: Hunters Point Substation Plaza

Opinion Survey: Hunters Point Substation Plaza


This website is a survey about the new Hunters Point Substation and the adjoining plaza. To learn more about the Substation project and the design process for the plaza, keep reading below. To start the survey right now, click on the tab that says "Survey, Part One", immediately above. The survey will be available online until February 1.

Para realizar la encuesta en español, haga clic aquí  |  单击此处可使用中文参与此调查


Designing a Plaza for the Community

PG&E is building a new substation on the corner of Jennings Street and Evans Avenue, next to the hardware store HD Supply White Cap and across Jennings Street from the current substation. A plaza will be built in front of the new substation as a benefit for the neighborhood. We want your help to finish the design. 

This is what the plaza will look like as currently designed:

View of the proposed Substation Plaza


We designed the plaza with input from neighborhood residents. You can see past designs and read about the feedback we received by looking at this document

Now we want to hear from the local community again before we finalize the design. We cannot hold public meetings because of public health concerns associated with the Coronavirus. Instead, give us your feedback by taking this survey.

Click on the green "Continue" button at the bottom of this page to tell us what you think

Building a New Substation
The Hunters Point Substation is critical to providing reliable power to San Francisco residents and businesses. The current substation is obsolete and must be replaced so PG&E can safely provide electricity to the city. A summary of the project can be read here. 

Construction of the new substation will begin in 2021 and is expected to last through the end of 2022. We currently estimate the plaza will be open in 2023. Check out the FAQ at the end of this survey for more information on the survey on the construction process.

This diagram shows where the new substation will be located:Diagram showing the Substation move


Contact List Sign-up

Download the Survey

You can fill out the survey offline and return it by email. Click here to download a PDF of this survey. Be sure to return it following the instructions in the document.  


Coronavirus Response and Resources

We are following all health recommendations from the City and the State to control the spread of the virus and protect public health. For more information and help responding to the Coronavirus, you can visit these sites:

City of San Francisco Coronavirus website - The City's page has detailed information on the progress of the virus in San Francisco, and links to numerous resources for dealing with the impact of the epidemic on your life. 

PG&E Coronavirus website - PG&E wants to make sure no one loses power during this crisis. This webpage has information and links to PG&E's consumer protection plans, including financial assistance for those who temporarily cannot pay their bills due to impacts of the Coronavirus.

NOW Hunters Point Resource Guide - The team at NOW Hunters Point has put together a comprehensive guide to local food and health resources. The information is given in English, Chinese, and Spanish.